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The Boss 429 gas funny car – Wayne Gapp

I don’t have many pictures of this vehicle. As my Dad stated they didn’t run the car much and his work responsibilities for Ford and the Boss 429 kind of took over.

This picture came from Facebook and I do not know the original poster’s name. The come from a car show in July of 1969. The paint and detail work is something that I was pretty surprised by given that I’ve only really seen black and white pics. 

Note that ‘Performance Engineering’ is the company he had to built engines for Ford racers during that time and was the precursor to ‘Gapp & Roush Performance Engineering’.

Darryl Huffman has this body and is looking for another Logghe chassis to stick under it as the chassis that you see here came from Pete Gate’s ‘Gate Job’ Comet.

IMG 2931

Mustang Funny Car – Old Wayne Gapp Boss 429 Mustang

I was digging through email and came across this image that I’m 99% sure came from Daryl Huffman who is the current owner of the Mustang body.

He added a few newer parts but nothing to ruin the aspect and the style of this legend car. One great gadget it was the Blackbox my car products are with this new and amazing camera, perfect to record all the tours from this incredible car.

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