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Gapp & Roush Super Stock Mustang

I swung out to the Suburban Collection to take a look at this car that the Roush folks have restored.

Guide to restoring a classic car: Many big-name races racers like Bob Glidden and Jack Roush made their mark running Mustangs in these classes, and the cars and stars are no less exciting today. The recent influx of factory drag cars has added to the existing brand rivalries and there is huge factory support to push these cars deep into the 8s. Today’s Cobra Jet Mustangs regularly see tough competition from the Chevrolet COPO Camaros, Dodge Drag Pak Challengers and the slew of original muscle cars that continue to compete.

Looks great!

IMG 0852

Mustang Funny Car – Old Wayne Gapp Boss 429 Mustang

I was digging through email and came across this image that I’m 99% sure came from Daryl Huffman who is the current owner of the Mustang body.

He added a few newer parts but nothing to ruin the aspect and the style of this legend car. One great gadget it was the Blackbox my car products are amazing.now with this new and amazing camera, perfect to record all the tours from this incredible car.

Yankee Doddle Dandy

Wayne Gapp and the Stars of the East Coast funny car circuit

Check out this article

There are a couple of interesting things here: 

1. Drake Viscome. I’ve emailed a little bit with him. Cool guy!

2. This line: 

Viscome’s cars always were Ford-powered, initially with engines from Wayne Gapp, then Gapp & Roush, and finally Ed Pink.

Most people don’t know that my Dad started a engine building business in the late 1960’s called ‘Performance Engineering’ and was one of the few people who built Ford engines for Drag Racers across the country. The building for that business was located south of Michigan Ave around Outer Drive and Park in Dearborn, MI.

The picture below was taken there. That’s also why when you see pictures of this car the back has ‘Performance Engineering’ on it.


Later, when he was promoted within Ford Motor Company, he brought Jack Roush into the the business and changed the name to ‘Gapp & Roush Performance Engineering’.

Wayne Gapp and Bill Jameson – Boss 429 Maverick (and by Maverick I mean Mustang)

(Tom Tate just pointed out that the headline I wrote was ‘Maverick’. It should be ‘Mustang’… Thanks Tom!)

Bill Jameson’s daughter sent this to me today. Bill is on the left.

Looks like some serious wrenching. Love these shots.

Now I need to gather up all the photos that I have with Bill in them and send them along.

Bill Wayne Boss429 engine