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WG at the 2011 Gatornationals.

I went with my Dad to the 2011 Gatornationals this past weekend. Had a blast. I took a couple hundred pics that I’ll post a summary of elsewhere.

We went to Garlits’s International Drag Racing Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Thursday night. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting the man. It was great to hear some of the stories that were told by all. I thought Frey did a great job as a emcee.

On Friday we went to the Gainesville track. Nice facility. Wandered around the Pits, ¬†lost my Dad. Turns out he was in Cunningham’s trailer talking to Bob Glidden.

When I was looking for him originally I saw Glidden under the car changing out a rear-end and all I could think was “This is the hardest working man ever”.

On Saturday we returned for a autograph session in the morning and then a starting line gig.

The picture included with this post is from the starting line deal. However it comes about from a screw up on my part. I had a basic press credentials that did not allow access to ‘restricted areas’. Naturally, that’s where I wanted to be to be able to get some decent images.

Anyway, I went back to the main grandstand and got this picture.

DSC 0066

Been awhile since I posted something

Sorry that it’s been awhile since I posted some stuff.

It’s not for a lack of material I can assure you.

I finally finished scanning all of the related magazine material in late November. That was quite a project. I’m now in the process of getting that material in a form that can be posted. That means that I have to take the .pdf files and OCR them if possible. In some cases I can’t do that and i have to retype the articles.

In addition, I’m also redesigning the site to fit more with the vibe of the era. A little more colorful if you will. I’m also redesigning the metadata structure of the site.