I’m always on the look out for more images, magazine articles and other items that reflect my father’s involvement in drag racing from the early 1960’s until 1978.

If you’ve clicked around the site a bit you’ll see that I also like to add articles that are about topics around the time. (like this article)

I do have quite the backlog of stuff but I’m always on the lookout.

Send me a note about what you got. I can be reached at ‘editor At gapponline d0t net’. The weird formatting of the address is an attempt to avoid robot spam.



20 thoughts on “Wanted!”

  1. Good day Mr. Gapp, I’m young (born 72) but yet still I’m a big fan of your father. The picture of the pinto that looks like it’s in Puerto rico, my be the car that was sold to a Mr. Lugo from St. Croix USVI that traveled to Puerto rico for some match races.
    Note: I’m from the USVI and thank you for this blog….

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for stopping by the web site and taking a look around. I know that one of the Pinto’s and the Mustang II made it to Puerto Rico. The Mustang II is in the Roush collection being restored.

      Glad you enjoyed the blog. I get a kick out putting stuff on it.

      Thanks again,

      – Jeff

  2. Mr. Gapp,

    I can recall your Dad at Suffolk Raceway Suffolk VA and at
    Richmond Dragway Richmond, VaA amoung other mid atlantic
    events. He was a top notch racer !

    Some of the S/S drivers he ran against are still around.
    Possibly you could contact them for their input.

    One who does no longer drive and has not driven since
    the mid 70,s but raced with yor Dad is (Daniel) ‘Dan’ Smoker .
    of Virginia who used to drive the “BIG RED” Mopars.

    Another is Tom Sneeden who drove the Bob Banning Dodge(s)
    from Hyattsville Maryland.

    Tom Sneeden is still driving a S/S @ 82 years old !
    He races with the 422 Drag Racers a 60’s and 70’s S/S
    group of racers from the Maryland, PA and South Jersey area.

    you can Google 422 Dragracers on aol.

    Ed Miller is still around @ 75 and match racing his 1970 HEMI
    DUSTER. Ed Lives in Virginia . I have his contact if you would like to have it.

    1. Hi Mr. Gapp, I’ve been looking for Ed Miller’s address because I would like to send him a picture I have of his car and to get a card signed, If you would give me his address I would appreciate it. Thenks, Dave

      1. Hi Dave,

        Jeff Gapp here. I asked my Dad if he has contact information for Ed Miller and he does not. Sorry.

        – Jeff

  3. Hi Jeff,

    I think one of the G&R Pinto’s ended up in Kurt Neighbor’s hands in the late 70’s where it was campaigned in Pro Gas with a 427 Ford for power. I remember it had the G&R paint scheme and was renamed “Iron Horse”.

  4. Hello im chasing a book i once had but have lost ‘how to build a 351c pro stock pinto’ it was from around 73 made by Car Corp, would you have this book still or could i get a copy. Best regards glenn ter horst

    1. I know the book very well. I have searched for a copy and was unsuccessful. However, I did buy another book that included the content from ‘How to build..’ book. I _THINK_ that it’s this one: Ford Cleveland 335-Series V8 Engine 1970 to 1982

      If I can I’ll dig around and try to confirm.

  5. Love your website. Remember reading about your Dad in National Dragster and on TV when they showed the BIG MEETS!, growing up. Do you sell photos of the Gapp and Roush cars? Can’t seem to find colored ones that are worth anything. Good luck on your web site.


    1. Thank you Kevin.

      We don’t sell any photos of the cars here mostly because of copyright issues. You can find photos on the Nostalgia Pro Stock group in Facebook or in some cases on Ebay.

      Thanks again!

      – Jeff

  6. Hi Jeff,
    I grew up on Hively St a few doors down from your dad. Your brother Mikey and I were best buds in kindergarten and 1st grade. 50 years ago! Loved when dad started the Cat, we came running for blocks. We moved to FL in 1968 and never seen Mikey again. Often wondered about Mikey and dad over the years.. Thanks for the blog!!!

  7. Mr. Gapp:
    I’m from Effingham, Illinois which is in the middle of the Midwest corn country about 250 miles southwest of Chicago. I went to an antique auction around here and found a box of paperwork. In it was a Official Program for the USRT. It has a picture of Ronnie Sox the 1972 U.S.R.T. Champ on the front of it. I don’t care what the bid was it was going home with me and it did. I want to keep it but if I ever decide to let it go its yours. I’m a 50’s born person and remember these times well. God Bless and I will continue looking around here. Calvin Myatt

    1. Hi Tim,

      I don’t know of any existing plans. You may wish to call Tyler Wolfe at the Roush Museum in Livonia, MI. He may be able to help.

      – Jeff

  8. Jeff, John Vermeersch here, I wanted to pass on to your dad that the main engine builder from that era, Ken Moe, has passed away last month. Ken and myself pretty well ran the Schoolcraft building, in mid 70’s. Him in the engine room any me with parts sales, while Louie did the fab and machine work. Keep up the great work, and pass this to your dad, say hi for me…

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