Interesting Factoid about Wayne Gapp in National Dragster

From an article in Feb 5th, 1999 issue of National Dragster:

“In final round appearances during the 1973-1975 seasons, the most dominant Ford in Pro Stock was not driven by Bob Glidden but by Wayne Gapp. The Livonia, MI.-based racer appeared in 16 final round rounds to Glidden’s 12 during that period, winning six of them and the 1973 World Championship crown.

In fact, Gapp had more final-round showings in those years, outdistancing luminaries Bill Jenkins and Don Nicholson, who had six and three appearances, respectively.”

I did not know that.

Gapp and Roush get a new car…and driver.

Been awhile since I posted. Almost two months. Busy, busy, busy.

Here’s a bit of information that I got from the Facebook Nostalgia Pro Stock group (via Dan Williams via Angel Cordero). It comes from the December 1976 issue of Car Craft’s ‘Straight Scoop’ column.

The Gapp and Roush Pro Stock team has several new acquisitions. First is the 1977 Pinto, complete with the aerodynamic shovel nose, for use in the new season. And to go along with the new car, they have a new operator: Ken Dondero, formerly associated with Dyno Don and Team Jenkins, has replaced Wayne behind the wheel. With both Gapp and Roush free to concentrate on engine development, and with the possibility of a less punitive weight break next season, the blue and white Pinto may reappear in the winner’s circle.

CarCraft StraightScoop 12 76 copy