Another G & R blast from the island of Puerto Rico

Here’s another shot from the folks over at Detroit Horsepower.

The mention is that this is the old G & R Pinto. I know that the first Pinto became Glidden’s warhorse. I don’t know what happened to the ’73 Pinto. I know that a trip was made to Brazil and I THINK I remember that a car was sold in Puerto Rico. So, this could be the old ’73.


The Gapp & Roush Mustang II in Puerto Rico?

I haven’t made much of an effort to try and track down the old G&R vehicles. I run across mentions of them every now and then. Here’s another.

I ran across the picture below on a web site called ‘Detroit Horsepower’. Link here.

This vehicle sure looks like the Gapp & Roush Mustang II. Down to the paint job. Kind of cool. From what the person who posted the pic says the vehicle is “The mustang that found itself in pile of metal in the Carribean.” That’s interesting as I have seen reference to this vehicle being ‘restored’ as well.

Note the Gapp & Roush blue decal in front of the ‘Forteza’.