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1965 Comet Cyclone…with fuel injection

Most of the pictures of the 1965 Comet Cyclone show it with a small popup hood scoop and carburetors.

The image below shows the exterior setup (along with my Dad and brother)

Comet WG and MG

Also see here for a shot of the engine setup.

In the image below the vehicle has a fuel injection unit on it. More than likely this was testing for the combination that would run in the 1967 Cougar called ‘Super Cat’.

Front end  427 SOHC

The THUNDERBOLT! – another pic

Can you tell I like the name ‘THUNDERBOLT’?
Anyway, here’s another pic that a guy sent me. He was asking about my Dad’s participation in the 1969 Winternationals. The write-ups after the meet indicate that he was there and participated driving a 1964 Thunderbolt.

Of course, when I asked about it I got another story. Ford was supposed to prep a ’64 Thunderbolt but the vehicle was not finished in time.

See below.

Car Craft Apr 1969 pg 70.jpg