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Another G & R blast from the island of Puerto Rico

Here’s another shot from the folks over at Detroit Horsepower.

The mention is that this is the old G & R Pinto. I know that the first Pinto became Glidden’s warhorse. I don’t know what happened to the ’73 Pinto. I know that a trip was made to Brazil and I THINK I remember that a car was sold in Puerto Rico. So, this could be the old ’73.


The Mustang II

Found this online as well:

G&R went to the semis in the Mustung and lost the lift gate in the traps at about 150, it flew probably 50′ in the air and smashed into a hundred pieces when it hit the ground, we went over to see what they were going to do and they went and got a Hertz rent-a-car Must II and put the factory steel and glass liftgate on the racecar….that extra 100lbs. probably cost them that hundreth in the final!