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Wayne Gapp and the Taxi – 76 Winternationals

This picture was taken at the 76 AHRA Winternationals at Beeline (Thanks Cary!). The Cragar Super Tricks are the give away that this was 1976.

What’s interesting is that most people think the ‘Taxi’ ran in one season: 1975. Nope.

Introduced mid-season 1974 and final NHRA race was 1976 NHRA Winternationals.

Anyone know who took this picture?


The ‘Taxi’ – Gapp and Roush – Image by Dan Williams

This is an image of the 4 door Maverick taken by Dan Williams in 1974 at Indianapolis…the ‘Big Go’.

A few small things have changed on the car since it was introduced earlier in 1974.

The hood scoop is different and interestingly the name as well. The vehicle started off named the ‘Tijuana Taxi’ and then ‘Juana Taxi’. Those names didn’t last long as the car took on the name of ‘Taxi’ from just before this race to the end.

GappRoush Taxi Indy