Gapp & Roush Cars

1969 Ford Mustang
Chassis: Gapp & Roush
Super Stock Mustang

1971 Ford Maverick #1
Chassis: Gapp & Roush
Blue Maverick

1972 Ford Maverick #2
Chassis: Gapp & Roush (some work attributed to Wolverine)
Red Maverick

1972 Ford Pinto #1
Chassis: Gapp & Roush
1972 Pinto

1973 Ford Pinto #2 – NHRA World Champion
Chassis: Wolverine
2nd Pinto

1973 Ford Pinto #3
Chassis: Wolverine (ex-Barrie Poole)
Paint: Bill Nolan
Former Barrie Poole Pinto

1974 Ford Mustang II
Chassis: Don Hardy
Mustang II

1974 4-door Ford Maverick
Chassis: Don Hardy (started as 2-door and stretched to 105″)
Ford Maverick

1976 Ford Pinto #4
Chassis: Gapp & Roush (based on 1973 Pinto Wolverine chassis)
1977 Ford Pinto
**From the October 1975 Super Stock ‘1320 Notes’ article:
“Don’t think Glidden is the only one who’s trimming down his operation. The word is that Wayne Gapp would very much like to sell all three of his present cars. What will he drive then??? Well, squarely in the middle of his shop sits a half-completed Pinto based on a Wolverine chassis that Gapp hopes will be his only car in ’76. “It’s very confusing running three different cars because you can’t get adjusted to the constant changes. Each car has its own peculiarities,” say Gapp. “Besides,” he adds, “it’s awfully damn expensive.”

1977 Ford Pinto #5
Chassis: Don Hardy
1977 Ford Pinto

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  1. I seen tijuana taxi street race a big block angila for a thousand dollars in the 70s on state Route 109 at Ohio Michigan line

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