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Wayne Gapp and the Taxi – Tom Nagy photo

This image was posted to the Facebook ‘Nostalgia Pro Stock’ group. It was taken in 1974 by Tom Nagy and it was taken at the Popular Hot Rodding Meeting at Martin, MI (US 131 Dragway).

The reason that I’m posting it is because I found the compelling because:

1. It’s a good looking race car
2. The car is being driven down a return road

I can’t imagine today’s $250k Pro Stock vehicles being seen doing this…that is driving back to the pits…over a dirt road no less.

Then again, today’s cars barely look like a ‘stock’ car, the vehicles have carbon fiber bodies, have incredibly high tech engines running…carburetors and are about as far from the origins of the class as they can be.

19744Door TomNagyPHRMarting

The ‘Taxi’ – Gapp and Roush – Image by Jack Grice

My last post (see here) was of the ‘Taxi’ at Indianapolis in 1974. That image was taken by Dan Williams.

Jack Grice sent me HIS picture from the same race. Almost the same exact position. It was taken either just a few minutes before or just after Dan’s.

The crowd has changed out but the guy polishing the car is still at work. In the case of Jack’s picture he is at the front of the car with the rag on the hood scoop.

Gr maverick

The ‘Taxi’ – Gapp and Roush – Image by Dan Williams

This is an image of the 4 door Maverick taken by Dan Williams in 1974 at Indianapolis…the ‘Big Go’.

A few small things have changed on the car since it was introduced earlier in 1974.

The hood scoop is different and interestingly the name as well. The vehicle started off named the ‘Tijuana Taxi’ and then ‘Juana Taxi’. Those names didn’t last long as the car took on the name of ‘Taxi’ from just before this race to the end.

GappRoush Taxi Indy

Wayne Gapp – 1974 IHRA Driver of the year

The caption reads:

– Pro Stock sensation Wayne Gapp, second from right, was honored as IHRA’s Driver Of The Year when the International Hot Rod Association held its annual Awards’ Banquet at the Country Club of Bristol Saturday night. Congratulation Gapp, whose famed ‘Taxi’ won four IHRA national events in 1974, are IHRA president Larry Carrier, Mrs. Larry Carrier and Miss IHRA Lisa Johnson. (Staff Photo by John Beach).

Driver of the Year IHRA

Wayne Gapp Edelbrock Ad – Insanairity! and the Pop Rod race


The ad is as it appears. The creator stretched the ‘Taxi’ to get the effect.

The Gapp related highlights of the ad are the following:

Sanair – GrandNational Molson event

Pro Stock Winner – Wayne Gapp

New Pro Stock ET Record – Wayne Gapp

Popular Hot Rod meet at US-131

Pro Stock Winner – Wayne Gapp

Pro Stock Top Qualifier – Wayne Gapp