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National Dragster Cover – Tijuana Taxi – August 2nd, 1974

Below we have the cover of NHRA’s National Dragster from August of ’74.

The Taxi is still new.

The cover states:

Wayne Gapp’s still new 4-door Maverick, which annexed the Pro Stock runner-up honors at the NHRA Summernationals and hit consistent 8’s throughout the event, put it all together once again this weekend to dominate the Pro Stock portion of the Minnesota Dragway Division V WCS event. Said by many to have plenty left in the performance department, Gapp will undoubtedly be right in the thick of things at the Grandnational-Molson even, too.

Indeed it did…


3/4 shot of the 1974 Maverick called the ‘Tijuana Taxi’


Here is a nice 3/4 angle shot of the ‘Taxi’ showing some good details of the vehicle.

One of the discussions that I have read about over the past is the actual name of the car.

There were three iterations of the name:

  1. “Tijuana Taxi”
  2. “Juana Taxi”
  3. “Taxi”

I don’t know the reasoning for the name changes. Some of have stated it was pressure from NHRA to change it from ‘Tijuana’ to ‘Juana’ or just plain ‘Taxi’.

I doubt it. The reasons for the changes are lost in time.