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NHRA photo of the week

The NHRA posted this as the photo of the week!

Pretty cool of them to do that.

Too bad they don’t have a picture from 1975 when WG won the event.

This is NHRA’s recap of the 1975 event here.

I can help with a picture.

FYI. If I were to nitpick the picture that NHRA selected is from 1976. See here for a list of cars and paint schemes by year.

Wayne Gapp Edelbrock Ad – Insanairity! and the Pop Rod race


The ad is as it appears. The creator stretched the ‘Taxi’ to get the effect.

The Gapp related highlights of the ad are the following:

Sanair – GrandNational Molson event

Pro Stock Winner – Wayne Gapp

New Pro Stock ET Record – Wayne Gapp

Popular Hot Rod meet at US-131

Pro Stock Winner – Wayne Gapp

Pro Stock Top Qualifier – Wayne Gapp

35 Years ago the Gapp and Roush Taxi was the Pro Stock Winner at Indy

From Hot Rod, November 1975

“They all laughed when Gapp & Roush first fielded this 4-door Maverick, but not anymore. Wayne Gapp drove it to his third straight NHRA Pro Stock title of the season after qualifying with a 8.85 for third sport, beating Lamar Walden, Reid Whisnant, Lee Edwards, Low Qualifier Wally Booth and Richie Zul’s fantastic big-block Camaro on the final, 8.83 to 8.95.”