The last race car – 1977 Pinto

I think that this is the last race car put together under the name ‘Gapp & Roush’. Driven by Ken Dondero. I believe that this is a 1977 Pinto. There are a couple of interesting things about this.


First, my Dad had stopped driving. Ken Dondero was hired, who was a pretty good shoe.

The second being that the most web sites state that the in 1976 Gapp & Roush broke up. Yet…here we have a 1977 vehicle running under the flag.

Lastly, the name of the company did not change from Gapp & Roush Performance to Jack Roush Performance Engineering until June of 1978.

Wonder where that name ‘Performance Engineering’ came from?


Note the name on the back end.

The original name of my Dad’s company.

Funny how things always circle back.