Picture of the Hi-Risers…

Well, well, well…what do we have here? Looks like a picture of the Hi-Risers working on the…Thunderbolt?

I think the picture comes from the Detroit Free Press.

I posted a pic awhile back of the Thunderbolt they had and thought I had a picture of part of the group.

The caption reads:

“THE HI-RISERS are early risers when it comes to working on their club’s drag racer. Most of the 14 members have been interested in cars and things mechanical through youth, college days and afterward in business and professional life. From left are: Robert Corn, Charles Lang, Hugh Strong, club president Roy Reid, Wayne Gapp and Phillip Hazen.”

There is also a hand-written note above the picture that states there was another car called “Irritation”. I haven’t seen any references or pictures of that one.