From National Dragster – December 7, 1973

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The article is talking about the NHRA Supernationals.

Recently crowned NHRA World Champion Wayne Gapp was the man to beat in Pro Stock once again as the cigar-chomping driver from Michigan wheeled the Gapp & Roush Pinto to steady 8-second performances every round, culminating with an 8.87 to 8.96 win over Ford “teammate” Bob Glidden. Gapp’s elapsed time was good for a new NHRA National Record, while the Glidden & Allen Pinto’s 152.80 mph top end charge was likewise a standard setter.

From a Seattle newspaper…

This is from late in the 1977 season. WG retired from driving and racing at the end of this season.

Tice noted the only major world title already decided is Pro Stock, where Larry Lombardo, driving Bill Jenkins’ “Grumpy’s Toy” has just destroyed the opposition and he’ll be here to try and destroy it again.

Ken Dondero, who drove the Jenkins car to two straight titles at SRP before leaving to join Wayne Gapp this year, has retired. Tice noted “He said he couldn’t stand seeing the back of that (Jenkins’) Chevrolet anymore,” said Tice. “He said it ruined him pysychologicall.”

Gapp has taken over driving his own car, and in a recent outing dealt Lombardo his first loss of the year.