Cecil County Recap – August 2, 1974 National Dragster

Gapp Captures Cecil County’s Pro Honors

By Ann Cardenti

CECIL COUNTY DRAGWAY, Bayview, Md – Wayne Gapp took the WAMS All American Pro Stock Championship and his second Pro Stock Victory at Cecil County Dragway this year and was one of only 2 pro cars in the 8’s all day. Herb McCandless maede the only other 8-second run during the event after lightning up the Dodge to make a time run. McCandless wheeled the ‘Brooklyn Heavy” machine to a unreal 8.77.

Iaconio was Gapp’s first victim of the day as Gapp’s 9.25 just nipped Iaconio’s 9.29 in the traps with both cars clocking 146 mph. Larson then trailered Frank Russo’s entry with a slower 9.23 to Russo’s 9.19. Then Richie Zul defeated Herb McCandless, 9.03, 152 mph to 9.17, 150 mph, and Shafiroff wheeled by “Dyno Don” in the closest heat of the first round with a 9.06 at 150 mph to Nicholson’s 9.07 at 148 mph.

Second round saw Gapp make Larson victim number 2 as he blasted out the first 8-second run. Gapp shut the clocks off with an 8.98 at 151 mph, while Larson hit a find 9.17 at 148 mph. Shafiroff then sent Richie Zul back tot he pits with 9.07 at 150 mph to Zul’s qicker, but losing 9.02 at 151 mph.

Ford versus Chevy – the age old battle pulled to the line for the final. Gapp’s Mustang II had the edge because of his 8 second blast, but Shafiroff has been known to pull a few surprises himself. But Gapp got there first with his second 8-second run, going another 8.98 while Shafiroff ran an equally impressive 9.04 to take the number 2 spot. Frank Russo met the Top Speed of the Meet with his newly painted Dodge at 157.89 mph while making a time run.