1974 Denver NHRA WCS – The “all-conquering” Wayne Gapp

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National Dragster, September 27, 1974

DENVER WCS, Denver, Colorado

…Moving on to Pro Stock, the first round opened with low qualifier Wayne Gapp taking a 9.7, 138.67 bye run with his Ford Mustang II, and Tom Haller’s Vega stopped Dick Schadle’s Chevy. Kelly Chadwick the pulled a hole-shot on Les Swearingin, and he needed every bit of it as he could muster only a troubled 10.88 to nip Swearingin’s losing 10.85. Lynne Harrison ended the round with a 10.05, 135.73 mph solo when his competition didn’t show.

Gapp opened round two with Low E.T. and Top Speed of the Meet as he drilled Haller’s Vega, 9.65, 139.31 to a respectable 9.87, 138.88. Harrison then wasted a find 9.98, 138.08 on Chadwick’s 10.83, 125.11, setting the stage for the final.

On that money run, Gapp went all the way with a 9.66, 134.18 as Chadwick recorded his best time of the day in the loss, a 9.92, 134.12.


DENVER WCS, Denver, Colorado – The all-conquering Wayne Gapp streaked to yet another Pro Stock title as he defeated Kelly Chadwick’s Vega in the final with a 9.66, 134.18 to Chadwick’s losing 9.91, 134.12. The win put Gapp in an excellent position to win the overall Pro Points Standings championship.


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