How to Build a 351c Pro Stock Pinto

Can’t remember where I found this but…this is from a manual/book called ‘How to Build a 351c Pro Stock Pinto”.

There are two Gapp & Roush Pintos here.

On the left hand side second from the top is the original Glidden Pinto that he purchased from Gapp & Roush. Still in the original paint except for the removal of the name.

At the bottom on the left-hand side is the new Gapp and Roush pinto, the ’73 model. Unpainted on the West Coast at the Winternationals.


2 thoughts on “How to Build a 351c Pro Stock Pinto”

  1. Jeff, I’d sure like to find a copy of that book. I’ve heard of it, found a couple of pages to copy, but have not found the hard copy.

    There’s a pair of 70’s modified cleveland pro stock heads and tunnel ram intake on ebay this week.

    1. I’m digging around for the book. I’ll fall over if I find it.

      Check this out.

      I’m looking for more blocks. Found quite a few but this is first one that I found that has been bored and beat to hell.

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