2 thoughts on “Gapp & Roush – Ford Shop Ad”

  1. Hello Wayne,
    I had lost track of you. We use to speak when I had Dyno Tunes, Inc. in Litchfield, MN and you were in South Dakota (Dyno Tunes 1981-1995). I was at the event, where I believe it was the first showing of the Pinto-it was in primer-and Sox and Martin wanted a third chance-after 2 losses at Capital Drag ways (Maryland Hwy 50) in I think 1972. It was like a small soap opera–the 351 gave trouble to their 426. If you are able to contact me my number is 763-482-3045. I am suppose to be going to look at 1 of the 3 Boss Mavericks that were built–Thanks Steve A. Christ

    1. Steve,

      Sorry for the long delay in responding. I will forward this information to my father. If it’s ok I’m not going to post the comment because it contains your personal contact information.


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