The ‘Taxi’ – Gapp and Roush – Image by Jack Grice

My last post (see here) was of the ‘Taxi’ at Indianapolis in 1974. That image was taken by Dan Williams.

Jack Grice sent me HIS picture from the same race. Almost the same exact position. It was taken either just a few minutes before or just after Dan’s.

The crowd has changed out but the guy polishing the car is still at work. In the case of Jack’s picture he is at the front of the car with the rag on the hood scoop.

Gr maverick

2 thoughts on “The ‘Taxi’ – Gapp and Roush – Image by Jack Grice”

  1. Very cool comparison Jeff…funny how people’s paths cross like that at the same point in time.

  2. i am a friend of bill jameson. i work @ thehenryford museum in dearborn michigan, across the street from ford research and engineering, and the big test track. i used to work@ roush industries, and from, time,to time, still take
    guests on private tours of the “Jack Roush Transportation Museum”, in nearby livonia. i am a friend of jack’s daughter susan. i had the privelege
    of re introducing, bill to al buckmaster, and his wife, while they toured the Titanic 100 year anniversary exhibit, here @ thehenryfordmuseum. it was
    the 1st time they had seen each other in about 30 some years!!! it was great!!
    write me back, i would love to see more photos of bill in action, especially @
    the famous “Detroit Dragway” i raced back then with my brother in laws, The Rice Brothers. 1966 Chevelle, and 1975 white Monza 2+2, similiar to
    the late “da Grump”, mr Bill Jenkins.R.i.p. thanks john “P”.

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