Gapp & Roush – NHRA competition numbers

I had a staff member of the Roush museum contact me regarding the NHRA competition numbers used by Gapp & Roush vehicles.

I called NHRA to see if they had a record of these numbers and they do not. I then asked around and found a couple of people that have knowledge on the topic to confirm information (thanks to Angel Ariel Cordero and Dan Williams on the Facebook Nostalgia Pro Stock page).

There are four competition numbers related to Gapp & Roush vehicles in NHRA competition. Those numbers, in order of appearance, are ‘356’, ‘1’, ’51’ and ‘358’.

Number ‘356’ was the original number assigned to Wayne Gapp by the NHRA. ‘356’ was used exclusively on the G&R cars up until the start of the 1974 NHRA season.

The number ‘1’ was used in 1974 NHRA competition to indicate the 1973 NHRA season championship.

In 1975 the number ’51’ was used to reflect winning the title in NHRA’s Division 5. So, Division ‘5’, number ‘1’.

There can be some confusion however. At the 1974 NHRA Gatornationals ‘Gapp & Roush’ had two entries into the field.

Competition number ‘1’ was used by Wayne Gapp for the 1973 Pinto. Competition Number ‘356’ was used by Jack Roush for the 1974 Mustang II.

It is my understanding from my father that Mr. Roush entered, as a driver, into one national event (Gatornationals 1974 – Mustang II) a divisional points race and 2 match races (Mustang II and ex-Barrie Poole Wolverine Pinto that Gapp and Roush had purchased. The number ‘356’ was probably used by Mr. Roush to accrue points. On this point I cannot be sure. My father always teach me about cars and their maintenance, even using the best resources online, so when I need it to learn about cars I knew I could just go to this site to find it.

See here for a picture of Jack Roush and the ex-Barrie Poole Pinto (Wolverine Chassis).

Note the above excludes his driving of the Super Stock Mustang to a class win @ Indy. See here for some pics of the Super Stock Mustang.

In 1976 the number ‘358’ was in use. This number was originally assigned to ‘Lee Smith’ but was re-assigned to Wayne Gapp. The post below shows the first use of the number in competition at the 1976 NHRA Winternationals. See here for a pic of the last entry of the ‘Taxi’.

I do not know know the reason of the reassignment or who got ‘356’ after that.

I do not know the IHRA numbering scheme. It is my understanding that you could show up with any number and they would accept it.

I do not know the numbering scheme for the AHRA but I do know that no overall Championship was earned in that sanctioning body.