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What could this be?

The new Taxi

How unfortunate it’s not the original Taxi. Be nice to see it on the track.

UPDATE (11-11-2009):
A member of the Maverick forums located here stated the following:

It’s funny to see the taxi in your pic, Jeff. The brown four door that was used in that project, built by Holzman Race Cars, was sitting for sale on my way to work in someone’s yard. I saw most of the build up at Holzman’s. It’s neat to see it in your photo.

Pretty cool.

If you’re into Maverick’s and Comet’s point your browser at the web site (http://mmb.maverick.to) and take a look at the place. Lots of good info.

The story of the Tijuana Taxi

Dad at work. I’m not sure why the headline is “The checkered history of Pro Stock’s most unique factory hot rod”. Nothing checkered about the ride…just taking advantage of the rules.

This is a great write-up not only about the ‘Taxi’ but it catches my Dad’s personality quite well. If you are reading closely you can catch some other interesting tidbits.

The Checkered History of Pro Stock’s Most Unique Factory Hot Rod