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Gapp beats Jenkins with 8.61 – article from Drag News

Gapp beats Jenkins with 8.61

On October 4, 1974 Drag News published the following:

NUMIDIA, Penna. – Numidia’s policy to hire the best match races possible is certaintly paying off as one of the biggest crowds of the year were present to witness a best 2 out of 3 between Bill Jenkins and Gapp & Roush. It was impossible to contain the crowd as two cars came to the line for round 1. After the usual burnouts the cars staged and in 8.82 seconds it was all over. The Grump bumped Wayne Gapp in 8.82–153.58 mph to the Ford’s quicker 8.79–152.

The second round Jenkins fouled and Gapp tore up the strip in pursuit, the little Ford ran its best time of the day setting a new Pro Stock record at 8.61 to Grump’s fouling 9.06–149.50.

Everything hung on the third and final round and the first round reversed itself as Gapp ran a slower, but winning 8.88 to Jenkins 8.79. Once again Gapp won it all, the match race and a new MPH track record at 154.10.


Wayne Gapp readies for his record setting run.

1974 Denver NHRA WCS – The “all-conquering” Wayne Gapp

Favorite image caption so far….

National Dragster, September 27, 1974

DENVER WCS, Denver, Colorado

…Moving on to Pro Stock, the first round opened with low qualifier Wayne Gapp taking a 9.7, 138.67 bye run with his Ford Mustang II, and Tom Haller’s Vega stopped Dick Schadle’s Chevy. Kelly Chadwick the pulled a hole-shot on Les Swearingin, and he needed every bit of it as he could muster only a troubled 10.88 to nip Swearingin’s losing 10.85. Lynne Harrison ended the round with a 10.05, 135.73 mph solo when his competition didn’t show.

Gapp opened round two with Low E.T. and Top Speed of the Meet as he drilled Haller’s Vega, 9.65, 139.31 to a respectable 9.87, 138.88. Harrison then wasted a find 9.98, 138.08 on Chadwick’s 10.83, 125.11, setting the stage for the final.

On that money run, Gapp went all the way with a 9.66, 134.18 as Chadwick recorded his best time of the day in the loss, a 9.92, 134.12.


DENVER WCS, Denver, Colorado – The all-conquering Wayne Gapp streaked to yet another Pro Stock title as he defeated Kelly Chadwick’s Vega in the final with a 9.66, 134.18 to Chadwick’s losing 9.91, 134.12. The win put Gapp in an excellent position to win the overall Pro Points Standings championship.


Cars – May 1977 – Ad with G & R Mustang II

As I dig through the old magazines, National Dragster’s and the like I keep running across ads that contain images of WG or of the Gapp & Roush vehicles. I thought I would break out a category on the site to spotlight them a bit.

This one is interesting as it comes from the May 1977 issue of Cars Magazine. This is at the very tail-end of my Dad’s career and it has a vehicle that hadn’t been run under the G & R banner for about a year and half.

May 1977 Cars ad.png

Cecil County Recap – August 2, 1974 National Dragster

Gapp Captures Cecil County’s Pro Honors

By Ann Cardenti

CECIL COUNTY DRAGWAY, Bayview, Md – Wayne Gapp took the WAMS All American Pro Stock Championship and his second Pro Stock Victory at Cecil County Dragway this year and was one of only 2 pro cars in the 8’s all day. Herb McCandless maede the only other 8-second run during the event after lightning up the Dodge to make a time run. McCandless wheeled the ‘Brooklyn Heavy” machine to a unreal 8.77.

Iaconio was Gapp’s first victim of the day as Gapp’s 9.25 just nipped Iaconio’s 9.29 in the traps with both cars clocking 146 mph. Larson then trailered Frank Russo’s entry with a slower 9.23 to Russo’s 9.19. Then Richie Zul defeated Herb McCandless, 9.03, 152 mph to 9.17, 150 mph, and Shafiroff wheeled by “Dyno Don” in the closest heat of the first round with a 9.06 at 150 mph to Nicholson’s 9.07 at 148 mph.

Second round saw Gapp make Larson victim number 2 as he blasted out the first 8-second run. Gapp shut the clocks off with an 8.98 at 151 mph, while Larson hit a find 9.17 at 148 mph. Shafiroff then sent Richie Zul back tot he pits with 9.07 at 150 mph to Zul’s qicker, but losing 9.02 at 151 mph.

Ford versus Chevy – the age old battle pulled to the line for the final. Gapp’s Mustang II had the edge because of his 8 second blast, but Shafiroff has been known to pull a few surprises himself. But Gapp got there first with his second 8-second run, going another 8.98 while Shafiroff ran an equally impressive 9.04 to take the number 2 spot. Frank Russo met the Top Speed of the Meet with his newly painted Dodge at 157.89 mph while making a time run.

Headline – The ultimate street car???

This article comes from October 1975 Super Stock and Drag Illustrated. It was provided to me by Tom Tate who is now the proud owner of this vehicle.

As I noted in our email conversation this article clears up some timeline information for me. Hot Rod Magazine ran an article in 1977 about this car but I thought the car was built in 1975.

The final quote from my Dad is pretty good. Enjoy…and thanks Tom!


Putting some real teeth in a Mustang II.

This is no fish story. It is absolutely true. We’d planned to save this little gem until it was completed for our upcoming street issue, but we felt this little preview would better serve the common good. It is intended to serve as fair warning to those minnows who regularly cruise the greater Detroit area – when you see this silver grey mutha pull up, you’d better do your swimming somewhere else.

What do big-time professional drag racers do between races?

“Well, we take on occasional projects for people, just to keep my crew busy when I don’t need them for the race cars,” said Wayne Gapp. “Like that one over there” he added with a sheepish, self-satisfied, cigar-filled grin.

There sat your standard ’75 Mustang II, with the sticker still in the window except that there were these huge 12″ slicks in the rear wheelwells, the front end sheetmetal was off the car, and that motor was nestled tightly in the engine compartment sure didn’t look like standard equipment. Moving closer and circling slowly, you noticed that the fenderwells had undergone surgery, and that the engine was using Pro Stock type front engine mounts and set back a bit. And it was big. Real big.

“Looks like a 429”


“Well, not exactly. It’s a 460. A 460 Cobra Jet to be exact. It’s a real nice motor. We put some good high compression pistons in it, a real strong cam, ported and polished the heads, all that good stuff. Be interesting to see it run – ought to go 10–seconds easy if the guy just stands on it.”

It certaintly was a real nice car. Interior was dead stock, but if you looked up underneath, you immediately noticed the round tube frame under the floorboards and the heavily beefed-up rear subframe and suspension. By asking, we found out the competition C-6 tranny sported a 9″ 3500 rpm stall speed torque converter, while the narrowed 9″ rear housed a Detroit Locker and 4.30 gears – just to keep the gas mileage reasonable, we suppose.

“Who’s it for?”

“Some businessman we know. Said he just wanted us to make the Mustang run faster than his old Torino.”

Noticing that the big 850 cfm double-pumper sitting on the hi-rise manifold protruded above the hoodline, we just had to ask. “What are you gonna do for hood clearance?”

“I guess we’ll have to put a little scoop on it. That’s the only thing wrong with it – we can’t get the damn thing shut.”

They probably never will – not really, anyway.


Gapp & Roush promotional picture for press packet

Update: There are indeed a couple of different images floating around from this shoot. So no airbrushing!

This is an image that can be seen in several places.

I believe it’s in book called “Mustang Race Cars” and it’s the one that Roush Performance uses here as part of the “About” page for Roush Performance. Except it looks like in that one they airbrushed my Dad’s right arm out of the picture…or he moved and this is not the same shot.

This picture was probably taken in mid to late summer of 1974. The Mustang II was built for that season, so was the Maverick and the Pinto was from ’73.

Anyway, that’s a lot of Pro Stocker’s.

Dad still owns this building by the way.

The Mustang II

Found this online as well:

G&R went to the semis in the Mustung and lost the lift gate in the traps at about 150, it flew probably 50′ in the air and smashed into a hundred pieces when it hit the ground, we went over to see what they were going to do and they went and got a Hertz rent-a-car Must II and put the factory steel and glass liftgate on the racecar….that extra 100lbs. probably cost them that hundreth in the final!